Meditation: Telepresence

VR Installation 

Meditation: Telepresence  is a audiovisual installation consisting of a virtual reality headset accompanied by two speakers placed around the audience, who was immersed in three video clips displayed in equirectangular projections in three virtual rooms. For each room, a stereo track plays recorded sounds through the headset, while another composed stereo track plays through the two speakers. The audience can freely choose which scene(s) they will experience, and can adjust the volume of the ambient soundtracks to their comfort using an embedded control menu in the virtual scene. The piece offers an intimate interactive virtual space for meditation; it asks: can we still feel present even if we are not actually present physically? What are reality and virtuality, and whether they can be interwoven to create a telepresence experience that feels calming and soothing. 

*Due to the difference in medium and for better web visual experience, the three videos are shown here in 2D format instead of the equirectangular projection. The audio files were also modified into two-channel soundtracks instead of the four-channel one at the exhibition for headphone listening.